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Amanda and Keanu have been together on again and off again since 1996. They have never talked about they relationship, but they remain the closest of friends, she often accompanies his mother and sisters to his movie premieres. Keanu is also exceptionally close to Amanda's daughter, Atlanta.

Former flames KEANU REEVES and AMANDA DE CADENET thrilled parents at the school attended by the British socialite's daughter recently when they turned up for a students' night.

The couple held hands and hugged at the Los Angeles school, fuelling rumours they're back together.

A parent attending the magical night says, "Keanu and Amanda signed in together - he even wore a name tag with ATLANTA's name on it. He toured her classes, met her teachers. He acted excited."

Atlanta's father is De Cadenet's ex-husband, DURAN DURAN star JOHN TAYLOR.

17/10/2004 10:29



Amanda and Keanu at Stella McCartney's party in New York sometime in 2002.


Keanu has been the father figure in Amanda's daughter Atlanta's life since she split with John Taylor. Atlanta often accompanied them on their dates, and he shows up at her playschool.


Keanu and Amanda's romance started right after her separation from her ex husband John Taylor.


This photograph was taken as they were stepping off a plane from in March 2003.



Amanda shows up arm in arm with Keanu at his 2001 movie premiere, The Replacements, which sparked more rumours that they rekindled their romance.


Amanda and Keanu exiting The Ivy restaraunt in LA, looking like they just had a fight.


Amanda has always been smitten with Keanu.


The couple during the time they were together- from 1996-1998.


Amanda, Atlanta and Keanu at a hockey game in 1997. The couple went public with their relationship that year, when Amanda and John's divorce was finalised.



1996: Keanu often visits Amanda on the set of her latest movie.


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