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Amanda has always surrounded herself with great girlfriends. She's got a great support network around her.


Amanda and other "IT" girls featured in a magazine article on movers and shakers in LA.


Amanda and Keanu Reeves' british mother, Patricia Taylor, with whom she still shares a close relationship.


Rosanna Arquette and Amanda have been tight ever since "Sugartown", a movie which John plays an aging rock star and Rosanna played his wife.


Two Amanda's. Amanda Peet has been a longtime close friend.


There were hot rumours that Amanda was having a lesbian fling with Courtney Love when they showed up at the Oscars in matching tiaras and dresses. Amanda liked the innuendo and notoriety in their relationship. But the two women ended up never speaking to each other again, neither one has anything to say about their split.


Yasmin Le Bon poses with Amanda at her wedding to John Taylor. Amanda was closest to Yasmin among all the Duran girlfriends and wives because they were about the same age and both lived in the same kind of world of rocknroll, high fashion and society. They haven't been close since Amanda and John's split.


Amanda with a friend during her party days in London when she was still going out with John.



Amanda and Minnie have been friends since their days in London. They both had similar posh upbringings and both live in LA. One of Amanda's closest friends.


Mischa Barton of the OC. Amanda's daughter is a huge fan of the tv show and Mischa is a huge fan of The Strokes, the band in which Amanda's current boyfriend, Nick Valensi plays in.


Sophie Dahl was an incoming "it" girl in London as she got to know Amanda. They partied together in the same circles. They were beautiful, voluptuous blonde women, posh backgrounds and fancied by old geezers like Mick Jagger and Jack Nicholson.


With Rose McGowan during her pre- Charmed days, when she was Marilyn Manson's girlfriend, famous for wearing THAT arse baring dress. There were also rumours that these two had more than just a friendship. They often appeared together in matching pink outfits.



Amanda with one of BBC's presenters in London


She uses her heart fearlessly
She lives life to its fullest